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  1. [TutsNode.net] - Traveling The Roman Empire/01Rome Heart of an Empire.mp4594.78 MB
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  3. [TGx]Downloaded from torrentgalaxy.to .txt585 bytes
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  5. [TutsNode.net] - Traveling The Roman Empire/05Jordan Rome’s Eastern Frontier.mp4542.35 MB
  6. .pad/1664.40 KB
  7. [TutsNode.net] - Traveling The Roman Empire/Serbia Crucible of Warriors.mp4521.55 MB
  8. .pad/2457.29 KB
  9. [TutsNode.net] - Traveling The Roman Empire/02Spain Augustus’s Golden Province.mp4509.46 MB
  10. .pad/3551.78 KB
  11. [TutsNode.net] - Traveling The Roman Empire/04Morocco Traces of Rome in North Africa.mp4488.69 MB
  12. .pad/4318.29 KB
  13. [TutsNode.net] - Traveling The Roman Empire/07Croatia A Kingdom of Salt and Sea.mp4485.81 MB
  14. .pad/5196.80 KB
  15. [TutsNode.net] - Traveling The Roman Empire/06Petra Rome and the Rose City.mp4456.19 MB
  16. .pad/6830.32 KB
  17. [TutsNode.net] - Traveling The Roman Empire/03Spain From Imperial Apex to Arab Kingdom.mp4445.61 MB
  18. .pad/7399.44 KB
  19. [TutsNode.net] - Traveling The Roman Empire/Trailer.mp411.35 MB