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  1. 1. Introduction & Setup/1. Important Read this before you begin this course.html966 bytes
  2. 1. Introduction & Setup/2. Course intro & site demo.mp482.02 MB
  3. 1. Introduction & Setup/3. Set up WordPress locally & plugin explanation.mp471.11 MB
  4. 1. Introduction & Setup/3.1 plugins.zip12.67 MB
  5. 1. Introduction & Setup/4. Set up Next JS + first query for WordPress data with GraphQL.mp477.22 MB
  6. 2. Building the first pages/1. Create homepage + query for gutenberg blocks.mp467.67 MB
  7. 2. Building the first pages/1.1 zac-gudakov-FH3zlDsY4Z4-unsplash.jpeg2.17 MB
  8. 2. Building the first pages/2. Create the BlockRenderer component & clean block data.mp4123.41 MB
  9. 2. Building the first pages/3. Cover component, style with Tailwind CSS, & render images with Next JS Image.mp476.16 MB
  10. 2. Building the first pages/4. Create a WordPress child theme & modify theme files.mp464.24 MB
  11. 2. Building the first pages/5. Create heading component, util functions, extend tailwind, and inner blocks.mp4139.94 MB
  12. 2. Building the first pages/6. Create additional pages & child pages in WordPress & dynamic routes in Next JS.mp493.82 MB
  13. 2. Building the first pages/7. Query for page data using GraphQL from page components & getStaticProps.mp470.00 MB
  14. 2. Building the first pages/8. Create Paragraph component & further extend WordPress theme.mp496.82 MB
  15. 2. Building the first pages/9. Finish Paragraph component & mapping anchor tags internal links.mp434.08 MB
  16. 2. Building the first pages/GetFreeCourses.Co.url116 bytes
  17. 2. Building the first pages/How you can help GetFreeCourses.Co.txt182 bytes
  18. 3. Creating the main menu/1. Create the Main Menu options page with ACF (part 1).mp479.90 MB
  19. 3. Creating the main menu/2. Create the Main Menu options page with ACF (part 2).mp467.25 MB
  20. 3. Creating the main menu/3. Query and clean menu data in Next JS.mp475.18 MB
  21. 3. Creating the main menu/4. Create the Menu component in Next JS.mp469.18 MB
  22. 3. Creating the main menu/5. Finish the Menu component.mp4131.44 MB
  23. 3. Creating the main menu/6. Implement the CTA button in Main Menu.mp470.36 MB
  24. 3. Creating the main menu/7. Create ButtonLink component & using the @apply Tailwind CSS directive.mp446.82 MB
  25. 3. Creating the main menu/8. Refactor Page components.mp488.62 MB
  26. 4. Advanced Gutenberg blocks/1. Create the CTA custom block with ACF blocks.mp482.44 MB
  27. 4. Advanced Gutenberg blocks/2. Assign fields to the CTA block and create block preview.mp486.38 MB
  28. 4. Advanced Gutenberg blocks/3. Create the CTA component in Next JS.mp4121.08 MB
  29. 4. Advanced Gutenberg blocks/4. Implement columns with Gutenberg blocks.mp495.86 MB
  30. 4. Advanced Gutenberg blocks/5. Rendering Column components within Columns + handling Image blocks in Next JS.mp491.31 MB
  31. 4. Advanced Gutenberg blocks/6. Reusable blocks.mp455.82 MB
  32. 5. Property pages/1. Create custom fields for the property pages.mp445.16 MB
  33. 5. Property pages/1.1 property data.zip18.73 MB
  34. 5. Property pages/10. Create the search filters UI.mp452.98 MB
  35. 5. Property pages/11. Query preview & add local state for search filters.mp482.45 MB
  36. 5. Property pages/12. Implement filters in search API.mp4114.02 MB
  37. 5. Property pages/13. FIX URLs when searching.mp463.99 MB
  38. 5. Property pages/2. Create the property pages in Next JS.mp436.17 MB
  39. 5. Property pages/3. Implement post featured image as Cover component background with React Context.mp4117.51 MB
  40. 5. Property pages/4. Create post title component.mp452.37 MB
  41. 5. Property pages/5. Create the property search custom block.mp446.08 MB
  42. 5. Property pages/6. Create API route for property search.mp462.98 MB
  43. 5. Property pages/7. Rendering property search results.mp4139.29 MB
  44. 5. Property pages/8. Create pagination UI.mp493.15 MB
  45. 5. Property pages/9. Handle pagination in search API.mp478.11 MB
  46. 6. Deploy to production/1. Push code to github.mp412.86 MB
  47. 6. Deploy to production/2. FIX page generation ready for deploying live.mp410.57 MB
  48. 6. Deploy to production/3. Deploy WordPress & Next JS app live.mp451.38 MB
  49. 6. Deploy to production/4. Automatically rebuild when data changes in WordPress.mp422.74 MB
  50. 6. Deploy to production/GetFreeCourses.Co.url116 bytes
  51. 6. Deploy to production/How you can help GetFreeCourses.Co.txt182 bytes
  52. 7. BONUS/1. BONUS!.html2.22 KB
  53. Download Paid Udemy Courses For Free.url116 bytes
  54. GetFreeCourses.Co.url116 bytes
  55. How you can help GetFreeCourses.Co.txt182 bytes