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  1. 1. Introduction/1. Introduction.mp49.49 MB
  2. 1. Introduction/2. A Little Bit of Setup.mp426.53 MB
  3. 10. State Managements in Vue/1. Introduction to State Management.mp419.38 MB
  4. 10. State Managements in Vue/2. Building a Small Project.mp433.15 MB
  5. 10. State Managements in Vue/3. Declaring State With Reactive.mp424.63 MB
  6. 10. State Managements in Vue/4. Ref vs Reactive.mp446.14 MB
  7. 10. State Managements in Vue/5. A Lot of Nested Components.mp430.11 MB
  8. 10. State Managements in Vue/6. Prop Drilling.mp442.47 MB
  9. 10. State Managements in Vue/7. ProvideInject.mp449.62 MB
  10. 10. State Managements in Vue/8. Store Reusable Logic With Composables.mp444.66 MB
  11. 10. State Managements in Vue/9. Global State With Pinia.mp4101.21 MB
  12. 10. State Managements in Vue/GetFreeCourses.Co.url116 bytes
  13. 10. State Managements in Vue/How you can help GetFreeCourses.Co.txt182 bytes
  14. 11. Vue With TypeScript/1. An Introduction to TypeScript.mp449.00 MB
  15. 11. Vue With TypeScript/2. An Optional TypeScript Lesson.mp498.87 MB
  16. 11. Vue With TypeScript/3. Building the HTML App.mp425.03 MB
  17. 11. Vue With TypeScript/4. Types With State.mp434.32 MB
  18. 11. Vue With TypeScript/5. Types With Functions.mp451.28 MB
  19. 11. Vue With TypeScript/6. Types With Props.mp458.34 MB
  20. 11. Vue With TypeScript/7. Types With Computed.mp458.21 MB
  21. 11. Vue With TypeScript/8. Reusing Our Types Throughout Multiple Components.mp422.41 MB
  22. 12. CAPSTONE PROJECT START/1. Project Overview.mp411.39 MB
  23. 13. Building the UI With a Vue Library/1. Your Two Options.mp46.11 MB
  24. 13. Building the UI With a Vue Library/1.1 InstagramUIFinal.zip64.96 MB
  25. 13. Building the UI With a Vue Library/2. Setting Up the Vue App.mp460.82 MB
  26. 13. Building the UI With a Vue Library/3. Building the NavBar.mp482.17 MB
  27. 13. Building the UI With a Vue Library/4. Building the Modal.mp494.33 MB
  28. 13. Building the UI With a Vue Library/5. Building the Timeline.mp495.93 MB
  29. 13. Building the UI With a Vue Library/6. Adding a Profile View.mp440.86 MB
  30. 13. Building the UI With a Vue Library/7. Adding the User Bar.mp458.96 MB
  31. 13. Building the UI With a Vue Library/8. Adding an Image Gallary.mp435.83 MB
  32. 13. Building the UI With a Vue Library/8.1 InstagramUIFinal.zip64.96 MB
  33. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/1. An Introduction to Authentication.mp45.25 MB
  34. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/10. Adding a Loading State For the Modal.mp439.75 MB
  35. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/11. Handling the Success Case.mp457.63 MB
  36. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/12. Adding the Login Logic.mp4118.51 MB
  37. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/13. Persisting the Login State.mp481.85 MB
  38. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/14. A Loading State for Retrieving the User.mp436.86 MB
  39. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/15. Handling Logout.mp464.96 MB
  40. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/2. Supabase - A Backend as a Service.mp416.65 MB
  41. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/3. Connecting Our Vue App to Supabase.mp425.45 MB
  42. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/4. Creating a Pinia User Store.mp426.12 MB
  43. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/5. Adding Input Validation.mp4118.55 MB
  44. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/6. Client vs Backend Validation.mp415.79 MB
  45. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/7. Signing Up the User.mp470.58 MB
  46. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/8. Validating if the User is Already Registered.mp456.20 MB
  47. 14. Identifying Users With Authentication/9. Improving Error Handing.mp429.37 MB
  48. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/1. Navigating to the User's Profile.mp421.18 MB
  49. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/10. Handling the Success State.mp462.74 MB
  50. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/11. Fetching Posts Upon Render.mp470.67 MB
  51. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/12. Adding a Loading State.mp419.14 MB
  52. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/12.1 instagramupload.zip50.49 MB
  53. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/2. Conditionally Rendering the Upload Photo Modal.mp469.84 MB
  54. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/3. Adding the Input Elements.mp446.54 MB
  55. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/4. Creating a Bucket For File Storage.mp412.84 MB
  56. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/5. Programmatically Uploading a Photo.mp449.06 MB
  57. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/6. Updating the Image Policy.mp418.55 MB
  58. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/7. Creating the Posts Table.mp424.90 MB
  59. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/8. Adding a Post to Our DB.mp441.86 MB
  60. 15. Uploading and Displaying Photos/9. Adding a Loading State.mp439.65 MB
  61. 16. Complex Data Relations/1. Building a Following Follower Table.mp419.69 MB
  62. 16. Complex Data Relations/2. Conditionally Rendering a Follow Button.mp420.03 MB
  63. 16. Complex Data Relations/3. Making the Profile Component Reactive.mp48.30 MB
  64. 16. Complex Data Relations/4. Implementing the Follow User Functionality.mp442.74 MB
  65. 16. Complex Data Relations/5. Determining Follower Info on Render.mp489.49 MB
  66. 16. Complex Data Relations/6. Implementing the Unfollow Functionality.mp416.68 MB
  67. 16. Complex Data Relations/7. Toggling the FollowFollowing Buttons.mp418.06 MB
  68. 16. Complex Data Relations/8. Performing Aggregate Queries.mp466.87 MB
  69. 16. Complex Data Relations/GetFreeCourses.Co.url116 bytes
  70. 16. Complex Data Relations/How you can help GetFreeCourses.Co.txt182 bytes
  71. 17. Scroll Based Pagination/1. Check Auth Status in Timeline Page.mp444.98 MB
  72. 17. Scroll Based Pagination/10. Implementing the Pagination.mp456.74 MB
  73. 17. Scroll Based Pagination/11. Stopping Unnecessary HTTP Requests.mp444.42 MB
  74. 17. Scroll Based Pagination/12. Saving Data in Environment Variables.mp444.14 MB
  75. 17. Scroll Based Pagination/2. Separating HTML into Components.mp429.60 MB
  76. 17. Scroll Based Pagination/3. Fetching the Followers.mp440.82 MB
  77. 17. Scroll Based Pagination/4. Fetching the Followers' Posts.mp437.46 MB
  78. 17. Scroll Based Pagination/5. Rendering the Posts.mp422.73 MB
  79. 17. Scroll Based Pagination/6. Sorting By Most Recent.mp413.70 MB
  80. 17. Scroll Based Pagination/7. Let's Do Some Math.mp414.99 MB
  81. 17. Scroll Based Pagination/8. The Intersection Observer API.mp460.42 MB
  82. 17. Scroll Based Pagination/9. Emitting an Event on Intersect.mp429.90 MB
  83. 2. An Introduction to Vue/1. What is VueJS.mp48.62 MB
  84. 2. An Introduction to Vue/2. Building the HTML Template.mp426.52 MB
  85. 2. An Introduction to Vue/3. Styling Our App With CSS.mp416.73 MB
  86. 2. An Introduction to Vue/4. Making it Functional With JavaScript.mp449.80 MB
  87. 2. An Introduction to Vue/5. Creating a Vue App.mp430.55 MB
  88. 2. An Introduction to Vue/6. Rebuilding the App in Vue.mp445.31 MB
  89. 2. An Introduction to Vue/7. Vue vs Vanilla JS.mp423.73 MB
  90. 3. Diving Deeper in Vue/1. Installing Needed Dependencies.mp453.72 MB
  91. 3. Diving Deeper in Vue/2. Spinning Up a Vue Development Server.mp427.66 MB
  92. 3. Diving Deeper in Vue/3. Some Important Terminologies.mp414.30 MB
  93. 3. Diving Deeper in Vue/4. Creating HTML With Vue Templates.mp429.82 MB
  94. 3. Diving Deeper in Vue/5. Styling Our App.mp429.46 MB
  95. 3. Diving Deeper in Vue/6. Accessing Variables Within Our HTML.mp422.81 MB
  96. 3. Diving Deeper in Vue/7. Adding Event Handlers.mp430.71 MB
  97. 3. Diving Deeper in Vue/8. Defining Our Variable as State.mp430.04 MB
  98. 3. Diving Deeper in Vue/9. Composition API vs Options API.mp450.06 MB
  99. 4. Vue Directives/1. App Overview.mp44.97 MB
  100. 4. Vue Directives/1.1 NotesApp.zip12.76 MB
  101. 4. Vue Directives/2. [OPTIONAL] Building the HTML and CSS.mp4118.91 MB
  102. 4. Vue Directives/3. Conditional Rendering With v-if.mp460.98 MB
  103. 4. Vue Directives/4. Two Way Binding With v-model.mp422.06 MB
  104. 4. Vue Directives/5. Event Handling By Creating a New Note.mp465.65 MB
  105. 4. Vue Directives/6. Iteratively Rendering DOM Elements With v-for.mp452.32 MB
  106. 4. Vue Directives/7. The Importances of a Key.mp419.71 MB
  107. 4. Vue Directives/8. Adding Error Handling.mp448.81 MB
  108. 4. Vue Directives/8.1 NotesAppFinal.zip12.77 MB
  109. 5. Components and Props/1. App Overview.mp416.15 MB
  110. 5. Components and Props/2. [OPTIONAL] The HTML and CSS.mp471.08 MB
  111. 5. Components and Props/2.1 QuizApp.zip12.75 MB
  112. 5. Components and Props/3. List Card Rendering.mp437.65 MB
  113. 5. Components and Props/3.1 data.json8.99 KB
  114. 5. Components and Props/4. Watching For State Changes.mp441.42 MB
  115. 5. Components and Props/5. Separating Our Code Into Components.mp465.80 MB
  116. 5. Components and Props/6. Passing Data to Components via Props.mp446.84 MB
  117. 5. Components and Props/6.1 QuizAppComponentsFinal.zip12.75 MB
  118. 5. Components and Props/GetFreeCourses.Co.url116 bytes
  119. 5. Components and Props/How you can help GetFreeCourses.Co.txt182 bytes
  120. 6. Pages and Routing/1. Introduction to Routing.mp418.17 MB
  121. 6. Pages and Routing/10. Programmatically Adjust the Route.mp437.83 MB
  122. 6. Pages and Routing/11. Adding 404 Not Found Pages.mp455.65 MB
  123. 6. Pages and Routing/12. Redirect Routes.mp410.64 MB
  124. 6. Pages and Routing/12.1 RouterVueLearningFinal.zip13.06 MB
  125. 6. Pages and Routing/13. Routing Our Quiz App.mp483.33 MB
  126. 6. Pages and Routing/13.1 RouterVueLearningFinal.zip13.06 MB
  127. 6. Pages and Routing/2. Creating a New App.mp419.15 MB
  128. 6. Pages and Routing/3. Creating Two View Components.mp417.06 MB
  129. 6. Pages and Routing/4. Adding Routing to Our App.mp453.96 MB
  130. 6. Pages and Routing/5. RouterLink to Navigate Within the App.mp432.60 MB
  131. 6. Pages and Routing/6. Styling the Active RouterLink.mp416.86 MB
  132. 6. Pages and Routing/7. Pages With Dynamic Paths.mp465.09 MB
  133. 6. Pages and Routing/8. Extracting the Path Params.mp429.12 MB
  134. 6. Pages and Routing/9. The Powers of Nested Routes.mp460.73 MB
  135. 7. Completing Our Quiz App/1. Quiz Page HTML and CSS.mp465.53 MB
  136. 7. Completing Our Quiz App/2. Separating Code Into Components.mp439.91 MB
  137. 7. Completing Our Quiz App/3. Passing Props to the Question Component.mp462.62 MB
  138. 7. Completing Our Quiz App/4. Listening to Changes With Watch.mp454.05 MB
  139. 7. Completing Our Quiz App/5. Computing Values With State.mp430.26 MB
  140. 7. Completing Our Quiz App/6. More Computing....mp430.18 MB
  141. 7. Completing Our Quiz App/7. Passing Data From the Child to the Parent.mp431.57 MB
  142. 7. Completing Our Quiz App/8. Emitting an Event From the Child Component.mp468.44 MB
  143. 7. Completing Our Quiz App/9. Completing the Quiz.mp481.73 MB
  144. 7. Completing Our Quiz App/9.1 QuizApp.zip13.05 MB
  145. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/1. Introduction to Vue Animations.mp423.85 MB
  146. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/10. Animating Upon Rendering.mp449.70 MB
  147. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/11. Lifecycle Hook of the Transition.mp446.87 MB
  148. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/12. Animation Styling With JavaScript.mp460.92 MB
  149. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/2. The Transition Component.mp445.22 MB
  150. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/3. Animating When a Component Leaves.mp424.82 MB
  151. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/4. Conditional Rendering Animations.mp429.71 MB
  152. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/5. Building a Small App.mp474.22 MB
  153. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/6. TransitionGroup to Animate Multiple Elements.mp430.10 MB
  154. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/7. fdsfs.mp419.68 MB
  155. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/8. Animating the Other Cards Into Place.mp414.48 MB
  156. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/9. Routing Animations.mp454.70 MB
  157. 8. Animations For an Interactive and Fluid App/9.1 animation-final.zip13.06 MB
  158. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/1. App Overview.mp414.45 MB
  159. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/10. A Little Fix.mp421.21 MB
  160. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/11. Component Lifecycle Hooks.mp482.84 MB
  161. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/12. Fetching Data With onMounted.mp469.82 MB
  162. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/12.1 Rick and Morty API.html108 bytes
  163. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/13. Slots For Dynamic HTML.mp4117.17 MB
  164. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/14. More on Slots.mp455.60 MB
  165. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/15. Adding a Better Loading State.mp459.53 MB
  166. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/16. Creating the Header Component.mp477.43 MB
  167. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/17. Maintaining State With KeepAlive.mp449.21 MB
  168. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/17.1 ShowsAppFinal.zip27.75 MB
  169. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/2. The Process of Fetching Data From an API.mp414.43 MB
  170. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/3. Creating the App.mp417.85 MB
  171. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/3.1 styles.css1.64 KB
  172. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/4. Where to Fetch the Data.mp428.29 MB
  173. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/5. Making the HTTP Requests.mp456.08 MB
  174. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/6. The Suspense Component.mp442.99 MB
  175. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/7. Request Offsets and Limits.mp430.89 MB
  176. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/8. Implementing Paginations.mp463.40 MB
  177. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/9. Building the UI.mp4130.60 MB
  178. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/9.1 Naive UI Documentation.html99 bytes
  179. 9. API Requests to Fetch Data/9.2 ShowsAppUI.zip27.75 MB
  180. Download Paid Udemy Courses For Free.url116 bytes
  181. GetFreeCourses.Co.url116 bytes
  182. How you can help GetFreeCourses.Co.txt182 bytes